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The efforts of youth work, youth organisations and youth networks to act as forces of inclusion by assisting young people to engage, volunteer and drive positive social change in communities have been identified as a priority in the Youth Progress Index, Youth Goals of the Structured Dialogue and Youth Strategy 2019-2027. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that youth work bodies, even if they do not deal specifically with the issues of discrimination and exclusion, are free from stereotypes and prejudices towards the groups of young people who are at risk of marginalisation and ensure openness and equal treatment of any young person engaged in their activities. However, the efforts of youth work bodies to promote equality and inclusion are usually fragmented. The research shows that while youth organisations claim to be open and tolerant, they still do not mainstream equality and inclusion as the core values of their activities and do not play a crucial role in enhancing intercultural dialogue, tolerance and mutual respect among young people. The organisations usually put sporadic elements of inclusion into their activities but lack of understanding of how to approach inclusive policies and practices in a systematic way. 
The partners of the present project joined their forces to lead youth work bodies towards the transformative change and increase the opportunities for young people who are potentially at risk of social exclusion to actively engage into the activities of different youth work bodies in partner countries. Through this project, the partners will foster an integrated approach within youth work structures by providing them with tools and support necessary to mainstream inclusive policies and practices in their organisations.  
The project AIMS to increase diversity, equality, inclusion and participation of ALL young people in various youth work activities in partner countries. This will be done by fostering quality improvements and mainstreaming inclusive policies and practices in youth work.

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 Global Citizens' Academy

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