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Global Citizens Academy

Global Citizens‘ Academy (GCA) was opened in 2014 with the aim to promote key values of active global citizenship and welfare among young people in Lithuania and abroad. It is a non-governmental organisation which contributes to making a difference in the global society by meeting the following objectives:

  • development of national, civic and cultural identities;

  • promoting respect for human dignity;

  • support to building capacities of young people in order to become active and responsible global citizens;

  • stimulating democratic dialogue among different actors in the society;

  • building capacity of civil society organisations.

GCA was opened to provide: 

  • non-formal education, awareness raising and campaigning activities for young people,

  • training and capacity building for youth workers, youth leaders and educators,

  • advocacy actions towards creating a just and sustainable world.

GCA is also active at international arena by providing training and exchange opportunities for young people, youth leaders and youth workers, as well as taking part in long-term initiatives.

Today Global Citizens‘ Academy is known as one of the ambassadors of global education in Lithuania. It actively works towards promoting the concept of global education in school, non-formal education and youth work environment all over the country.

Global Citizens Academy is the coordinator of BE INclusive

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Cazalla Intercultural

Cazalla Intercultural is a local NGO located in Lorca, Murcia, in the South East of Spain, founded in2007. The mission of our team of professionals is “To promote active citizenship, social inclusion,youth mobility, voluntary service, sustainable development, stand up for human rights, integration,non-discrimination and against gender-based violence, through non-formal education, youthinformation and international cooperation. Our work is structured in 4 main fields. • Voluntary service– we work as EVS sending/hosting/coordinating organization since 2003. During the years it hashosted about 35 volunteers, sends annually nearly 60 volunteers all over the world. Cazalla isinvolved in the local voluntary activities. • Capacity building - on the local level through thecooperation with the local authorities - advising and information center, local projects and trainings;and on international level by development of the quality systems mainly in the field of youth work andvolunteering. • International cooperation in the field of youth – that includes promotion of the youthexchange and offering the youngsters from our local community the first international and interculturalexperience; exchange of experiences, networking and implementing the training courses in the fieldsof expertise of Cazalla – human rights, gender based violence, participation. • Local youth work -composed of the youth information center, and the local project with the aim to foster the participationof the young people, integration of migrants into the local society and fight against racism anddiscrimination. Cazalla is also an Eurodesk information point. We encourage the creativity of youngpeople and assure the quality of their work.

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Asociacion Pro European Network

The Pro European Network works for strengthening democratic practices and effective fulfilment of human rights by promoting participatory approaches to development. The aims of the organisation are: 1) To support the personal, professional and civic development of the local communities and inparticular young people; 2) To promote lifelong learning, developing a range of importantcompetencies among representatives of the local community and in particular young people; 3) Tooffer quality training and educational forms (including mobility), connected to Human Rights, socialinclusion, countering discrimination and gender equality – among local communities and in particularyoung people, as well as among key stakeholders (organisations, local authorities, institutions); 4) Todevelop competencies among the local communities and in particular young people, connected totaking responsibility around their role and place in a local, national, European and global context; 5)To empower representatives of the local communities and in particular young people to takeinitiatives, to work on their own development and to solve concrete issues; 6) To encourage andsupport initiatives and campaigns initiated by the local communities and in particular young people,aimed at supporting the fore-mentioned objectives; 7) To engage in its work on all the fore-mentionedobjectives disadvantaged groups with focus on the Roma community and other ethnic minorities,young people with troubled families and low-income families, young people as a rule excluded fromthe activities of other organisations, sexual minorities, etc. The organization has a permanentManagement board of three people, who are responsible for the daily management of theorganisation. The association does not support big permanent staff, but runs projects with the help ofan expert pool and a wide group of volunteers, branded as O.PEN and occasionally running owninitiatives with legal and fiscal support of PEN. It is a flexible network of individuals, well trained,prepared and sharing similar values in regards to both issues and methodologies/approaches. Thisapproach allows for fine-tuning teams in the different initiatives, based on their concrete experience,expertise and networks of contacts among stakeholders and target groups. The usual funding fromthe organization is provided by grants (both local and European), as well as by the membership feescollected by the members of the association, and donations.

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Association for Children and Young People CHANCE (Stowarzyszenie dla Dzieci i MlodziezySZANSA) is a non-profit NGO acting mainly on local and regional levels. Its main areas of activitiesinclude: education, youth work and youth policy, support, counselling and therapy and publication ofresources. It aims at providing children and young people with services supporting their developmentand acting against all forms of violence and discrimination. There are some 150 young people takingpart in the activities of the organization each week – young people come from very differentbackgrounds: ethnic minorities (Roma), disabled young people, young people coming fromdysfunctional families. All activities are provided free of charge and they are finances through localfunding (municipality and business), and from grants (national – different Ministries and privatefoundations). The Association is run by the Board that consists of 5 people: all decisions are madecollectively. The staff of the association consist of 24 youth workers, social workers, psychologists,lawyers and other professionals. Some 30 youth volunteers organise youth activities together withyouth workers. Association is a member of the Human Rights Education Youth Network, a Europeanplatform for youth NGOs using human rights education in youth work. The association has been apartner in a number of European projects.

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"TDM 2000” is an independent non profit organization, that coordinates young people willing tocooperate in the voluntary sector, supporting them in developing personal and professional skillsthrough experiential learning and non-formal education. Main fields of interest: youth policy,entrepreneurship, human rights, democracy, intercultural learning, active citizenship, non-formaleducation, international cooperation, local development and migration. All the activities we implementare thought, planned and realized by young people. The NGO has 2 different offices were volunteersand the board work on daily basis. TDM has 5 employees and over 800 members that activelyparticipate in the projects of the NGO. TDM 2000 is accredited to host, send and coordinatevolunteers in the frame of ESC. We are recognized as volunteer organization by the SardinianRegional Government. Since 2009, we are hosting a project under National Civil Service. In 2010,TDM 2000 signed a partnership with University of Cagliari for the recognition of non-formal learningand the attribution of credits. Actually, working to implement the recognition of competences also forthe formal education about secondary school and from different entities active in the job market suchas the local Chamber of Commerce and "Agenzia Regionale del Lavoro" a public institution dealingwith empowerment of young people in the labour market. We also signed a similar agreement with"ENTE ERSU", the public institution that is entitled to give scholarship and housing for universitystudents. Associazione TDM 2000 is member of TDM 2000 International network and Anna LindhFoundation network. TDM 2000 realize in the first week of August every year an international culturalfestival which gives opportunity to around 200 youngster from all over the world to discover andshare different cultures.

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