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The Research

Towards Inclusive Policies and Practices in Youth Work

Report on State of Art and Needs

„BE INclusive“ project is based on the needs  collected from Youth Workers and Youth in partner countries.
In 2019, all partners organised focus groups, interviews and did an analysis of surveys and other secondary sources on the current state and needs to make youth work more inclusive for any group of young people.
A day-long focus groups in all partner countries which engaged an overall of 56 participants: 30 young people, 16 youth workers, 7 managers of youth bodies and 2 policy-makers. 18 of the participants were coming from rural areas, while 14 were part of the minority and marginalized /excluded groups: ethnic and religious minorities, LGBTI, people with disabilities. Additionally, 6 interviews or consultations were conducted in Bulgaria, Italy and Lithuania, involving 3 more policy makers and 3 more youth workers.

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