The Tools

If you have a Goal to make your Organisation more socially inclusive, we are here to support you. First step, that you need to do is to measure what is missing, what needs to be improved, what exist, but dies not work. We are suggesting a Tool, that would let you answer all there questions. The Tool is made together with all partners and is based on the Research, that we are also sharing with you.

Tools for Equality and Inclusion in Youth Work

A Guide for Youth Workers

Do you face challenges to reach out to young people from marginalised/excluded groups, such as migrants, LGBT, youth from rural areas or those who suffered from violence? Do you need help in mainstreaming inclusion in all of your activities? Do you want to check if the spaces of your organisation meet the needs and respect the diversity among young people? This guide will help you to answer these questions and many more. In it, you will find a set of tools that will help you develop or improve your organisation's policies and practices in an inclusive manner.

Image by Amy Elting