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Now, that you read the Research, that we did and Used all Tools, that are needed to measure what needs improvement in your Organisation, we are suggesting to check out Webinars, that we prepared just for you. Here you will find information about the Tools, that you already checked out and additional exclusive tips for Social Inclusion in Youth Work.

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What is an inclusive youth organisation?

During this webinar, we are looking for the answers to the following questions: (1) Why do we need to create systems and a culture of inclusion in youth organisations? (2) How do we understand inclusive youth organisation? (3) What are the indicators of an inclusive youth organisation?

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How can youth organizations practice inclusion during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Would you like to listen to examples of different inclusion practices youth organizations used during the COVID-19 pandemic? How can young people be supported? Did the meaning of inclusion change during the pandemic? How to adapt to the challenging environment? How all this will impact youth work? In this practical webinar, we tried to find answers to these questions.

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How to engage Roma and other minority groups in youth activities?

In this practice-based webinar, we are going beyond the cliché that youth work is open for everyone and are having an honest conversation about meaningfully engaging Roma young people and young people from other minority groups in the activities of youth bodies and youth organizations. From outreach to building trust and investing in leadership, selecting topics and sustaining partnerships, we are looking look at practical steps a youth organization can take to empower Roma youth and make them an integral part of their work. We hear from active Roma leaders themselves and touch on sensitive issues around avoiding tokenism and strengthening antiracism.

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Inclusive youth spaces and digitalization – new realities

During this webinar, we are discussing the changes youth centers and youth spaces, in general, have gone through the last year and how we can adapt to transformations and new realities! The main questions we address during this webinar:

  • What are the needs of young people regarding youth spaces after the pandemic?

  • How did digitalization influence residential educational activities and programmes?

  • Online youth spaces – challenges and opportunities.

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How Partnerships & Networking in youth work could help the engagement of youth?

During this webinar, we are introducing the key principles and steps of an effective cross-sectoral cooperation strategy, practice on inclusion issues and policies in the youth work field. We are also providing with practical suggestions, examples and tips on how to implement effective local actions shared and coordinated by a diverse set of entities, to have a more relevant impact in terms of improvement of inclusive youth work and related youth policies, taking into consideration the needs and ambitions of different actors involved.

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